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Well, sometimes it happens and mistakes are made.  Either it's a typo or a forgotten pattern piece in your pattern and we hope you forgive us! We admit we are not perfect and hope 
you will continue to enjoy our patterns - even though we made a boo-boo!

Below you will find PDF files for or any notes referring to any corrections to our designs that we are aware of! 
(With that said - please - we beg of you, if you find any errors or have any questions, please never hesitate to contact us!)


Added March 29, 2011

Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts Of Yesteryear Book

** Please note the following "boo-boo" or "error" in our new book "Simply Charming: Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear".  Sadly - and most embarrasingly a template error was discovered at one of our most recent book signings.  I'm embarrased, but yet we will move on from this.  We have 2 templates in this book shown on pages 85, (the tumbler template), 96 & 101 (this is the triangle template - same template for different quilts).  Please note in your books that the templates are too large.  While the template printed for the "Living Off The Scrap Bag" pattern or the "tumbler" on page 85 will still make a lovely quilt - it will be bigger than the quilt pictured.  The "triangle" template for the "Stars Over The Mountains" quilt and the "Hidden Treasures" quilt will work just fine also - but the printed "cutting dimensions" for your borders will be to small!

Both Templates - disregard the outer printed "cutting line"   Use the "dash line" or the sewing line as your cutting line instead.

What has happened - when we requested that a seam allowance be added to our templates for the book, the added "seam allowance" was placed outside of our original template - not knowing - we meant to add the seam allowance to the "inside" of our template.  Easy mistake to make, but this one slipped through our hours and hours of editing and we do apologize.  Like I said previously - both of these templates are still quite usable as printed - the finished piece will just turn out larger than our models!

Next, for the template for the "Stars of the Mountain Quilt" shown on page 96 and the "Hidden Treasure template shown on page 101 - same thing - use the printed sewing line as your cutting line instead. If you chose to use the templates in the size they are physically printed - please be aware that your borders will need to be cut larger!!!!  Measure your finished piece and use those dimension for cutting your borders and NOT the printed sizes in the book!



Added June 29th, 2007


#336 Just Another Quickie Quilt Pattern

This pattern has typo's!

Page 2 - you will only get 4 blocks from a fat quarter and NOT 5 as the pattern states.
Page 3 - in the cutting diagram for a fat quarter - on the 6th column in from the left these
rectangle pieces should be cut to 2 1/4" x 4 1/2" and NOT 2 3/4" x 4 1/2" as the pattern states!
Back Cover - Correction to the following
Lap size quilt - you will need 9 fat quarters and not 7 as stated
Twin size quilt - you will need 20 fat quarters and not 16 as stated
Queen size quilt - you will need 30 fat quarters and not 24 as stated
King size quilt - you will need 42 fat quarters and not 34 as stated!

Shops & any customer that purchased this pattern - contact me for replacement patterns



#334 Jack Frost

Well, poor Mr. Jack Frost - the pattern didn't include his
hat brim!  Oh my! If you purchased your pattern directly from us prior to June 1st, 2007 - you will need
to download the following PDF file for the pattern piece.  If you cannot download PDF files, just email
us at with your mailing address and we will send you a copy!

For all quilt shops - there has been quite a few of these patterns sent out prior to us catching our error!
Please call or email us and we will send you corrected patterns OR you can download the PDF
file also and make copies for your inventory!

Just click the link below!

#334 Hat Brim



Added June 12th, 2007

#338 Prairie Queen

Everything on the inside of the pattern is fine - the cover has a boo-boo!
The fabric requirements should read 6 - fat sixteenths of blue, pink, green or brown fabrics
and 6 - fat sixteenths of tan fabrics are needed.

Once again - if you ordered your patterns prior to June 12th directly through me, 
request "corrected cover.

Quilt Shops - I'll send new covers - just email me or call!
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