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Updated December 2014 


Please ensure that you enter the correct "Ship To" address for your purchase. Your account will be charged all fees incurred from USPS for corrections made to the "Ship To" address. These corrections include, but are not limited to, incorrect street spelling, wrong zip code, residential vs. commercial address, and changing the delivery address with USPS after your order has been shipped.
2014 Dates in which we will be closed and will not be shipping any orders out:

December 8 - 22, 2014
(we are closed on the above dates as we are moving our personal home and our business to another state!)
and any other dates we might have missed in which the USPS does not have mail delivery.
We ship Monday - Friday via the United States Postal Service throughout the United States of America.  Outside the USA, we ship flat rate priority mail envelope, medium flat rate and large flat rate box. 

We ship most of our orders via USPS within 24 hours of the time you place your order (Mon – Fri). Delivery times range 4-7 business days depending on the destination. 

We ship internationally and will always adjust the shipping amount to a lower fee if possible.  Sometimes our shopping cart may "bump" you into the next shipping bracket - do not worry - we will adjust the shipping down for you!  

When your order ships from our office you will recieve an email from us called a "shipping notification" .  Your order has not shipped if you have not received a "shipping notification".
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