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Trunk Shows

Thank you for your interest in our pattern designs!

We offer trunkshows to quilt shop owners and have the following guidelines and rules.

1. Twelve copies of each pattern must be purchased for each model borrowed. This is the quilt shops investment for borrowing our models and are not returnable. All of the patterns for the initial purchase for the trunk show must be ordered directly through us.  After the initial twelve are sold in your shop, you are welcome to purchase more inventory from Wholesale Vendors such as Checker, Pattern Peddlers, etc.

2. All models and patterns will be shipped to your shop in time for our agreed upon date for arrival via UPS ground or FedEX. We require the same when returning the models - only UPS or FedEx can be used to ship our models either back to us or onto the next quilt shop if someone is signed up to receive the trunk show after you have it.  The USPS is not to be used - things have gone missing through the postal service and they do not have a good tracking system.  UPS and FedEx have the best tracking systems and the least amount of loss or theft.

3. Please take great care with our models.  We've worked really hard and a lot of time has been invested in each piece.  If any damage is done or items are stolen while in your quilt shop, you will be held responsible and charged for the item.

4. To borrow our models for trunk shows we require a valid and current credit card number to be on file. Regardless if you are a current customer or not.

5. All patterns required for purchase with the trunk show will be billed on a net 30 account basis as long as you have purchased from us in the past 6 months and have a good standing account.

6. A signed contract must be filled out and returned to us via fax, attachment in an email or snail mail.  Our fax number is 1-815-725-5152
Our email address is
Our Snail Mail address is as follows:
Sew Unique Creations
c/o Tara L Darr
6990 Marrowbone Creek Road
Kermit, WV 25674 

As of January 2015
The following models are already out on trunk shows and are not available.

All models at this time are not available.  We have moved our home and business accross several states and most of our models are in storage until we complete our move to our final home.  We are in a temporary location at this time.  Thank you for understanding!
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